Monday, August 31, 2020

Keep it Trim…Keep it Safe.

Sure, there are people (maybe even you included) who can trim a tree in Northern Nevada. Are they able to do it successfully AND safely? Tree trimming operations require climbing and pruning, often with portable power tools like chainsaws or trimmers. In fact, the two leading causes of death while tree trimming are falls from heights and electrocution!

Here are some tree trimming safety tips –


  1. Protection of your hands with leather lineman’s gloves…these are NOT Covid gloves.
  2. Assess the job carefully before it begins.
  3. Protect anyone nearby and the co-workers.
  4. Do not use conductive tools near power lines.
  5. Follow minimum distance guidelines when working near power lines.

At The Tree Professionals of Reno, they practice all guidelines in safely and properly removing a tree so that no one is adversely effected in the process. If you have a tree needing removal at your home or business property in Northern Nevada call The Tree Professionals to give you an honest and fair quote for the job at hand. That phone number is (775) 420-8694.

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