Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Pruning Shrubs and Hedges.

Because shrubs and hedges are beautiful accent pieces to your Northern Nevada property, it must be done 100% correctly the first time. There are no do-overs just like trimming the hair of a human. The Tree Professional of Reno will do it with experience that stretches back this entire century. Call Greg this spring to have it done right!

Here are just a few of the steps that Greg will follow -

1.  Start by carefully leveling the shrub height.

2.  A careful examination of the blooming cycle.

3.  Putting stakes in the ground will guide him.

4.  Using shears, he will cut along the top very carefully.

5.  He must always keep the top narrower than the base.

These and many more steps are areas of the trade that The Tree Professional has learned over the years. Now is the time to call Greg…The Tree Professional to have your personal or business property’s shrubs and hedges professionally trimmed. Please call (775) 420-8694. For their many other services visit thetreeprofessional.com.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

It’s a Perfect Time to Prune Fruit Trees.

Now is the time to pay attention to that precious apple (or other fruit) tree growing on your Northern Nevada property. Experts, like the ones at The Tree Professional of Reno, have learned that late-winter, early spring is the perfect time for fruit tree pruning. Whether it be apple, peach, fig, pear, or whatever fruit you crave…call them right away.

Here are some of the reasons why pruning is important -

1.  Removing dead or broken branches.

2.  Protect your property from blowing winds that blow those branches toward the house.

3.  The trees will respond by building healthy, new ones.

Don’t hesitate to call The Tree Professional of Reno to trim those fruit trees before winter gives way to spring. You will enjoy the “fruits” of their labor! The number to call to reach Greg is simple (775) 420-8694. You want to see some impressive work? Go to the internet and type in this easy URL thetreeprofessional.com.