Thursday, September 14, 2023

Protecting Newly Planted Trees in Reno

New, beautiful trees may soon be dotting your landscape at your Reno Nevada area property. Protecting those newly planted trees is essential before the harsh winter of Northern Nevada does its damage. The Tree Professional, Greg Chavez, and his team want to be sure that you do it right before the winter weather arrives.

Extreme weather conditions will whip winter winds through the new sapling and potentially do irreparable damage. Young trees need plenty of water. Don’t forget that! You should also make sure that your newly planted trees are properly wrapped and ready for winter weather.

Next spring, you’ll be glad that you took the precautions to ensure that these young trees will one day grow tall and proud on your Northern Nevada property. When you need any type of arboreal help this time (or any time) of year, please call on The Tree Professional of Reno. That phone number is (775) 420-8694.


Friday, September 1, 2023

Hold Off on That Tree Trimming in Reno Right Now.

Here’s a tip from Greg at The Tree Professional, located in Reno. If you own a Northern Nevada property you probably should hold off pruning those bushes for just a bit.

Here is what Greg wants you to know…

Whatever type of shrub you have, fall pruning stimulates late-season growth that may not have enough time to harden. This actually weakens the plants, especially if there's an early frost. Just wait until winter and trim bushes when the plant is in a deep sleep.

Avoid the temptation to prune now. When it gets a little colder, call The Tree Professional out to your home and have him do a proper job of trimming your trees and bushes.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Do You Have a Fallen Tree in Reno?

Storms in the summertime of Northern Nevada may wreak havoc on your property. A fallen tree may even land on a power line. The first thing you must do is call in an electrician to solve the immediate problem. The next thing is to call in the tree removal experts at The Tree Professional of Reno…that’s Greg and his team!

Greg Chavez is one of the best professionals in Northern Nevada. Tree trimming may be dangerous enough, but trimming trees near power lines can be exceptionally risky. Here’s an important “head’s up”. If you notice that trees on your property are starting to grow around power lines, be proactive and call Greg.

The Tree Professional of Reno takes care of your property when it comes to its growing things. Trees, shrubs, bushes…you name it, the team keeps it looking pristine. When you have an emergency, or just require maintenance, call The Tree Professional at (775) 420-8694. Seeing is believing. Visit and find all the services they have to offer.


Friday, July 14, 2023

The Man on the Flying Trapeze...

...that is what you may think when you see the gallery page of First of all, the web address says it all. Then you see the (very safe) acrobatics of one Greg Chavez, the owner of The Tree Professional of Reno serving the area around Northern Nevada. That guy is WAY up there!

Of course, it comes with “safety first” preparation and execution. If you have ever seen “don’t try this at home”, believe it now more than ever! Even if you thought you could accomplish the job of tree trimming in Northern Nevada, the chance you would be taking is just not worth it. Just take a look at the gallery page before you attempt anything.

Greg Chavez and his crew take every precaution necessary to do a safe and effective job of caring for the trees on your property. If you live around the Reno, NV area call The Tree Professional to handle “the dirty work”. Their phone number is (775) 420-8694. See Go to the Gallery Page, go to the Gallery Page, Go to the Gallery Page!

Monday, July 3, 2023

Summer Pruning.

Pruning bushes and trees on your Northern Nevada property this time of year may sound unsound…if you get the pun. You might be surprised that there are a number of reasons to consider pruning your bushes and trees this time of year with the expertise that The Tree Professional of Reno brings to the job. That is the missing piece to doing it correctly and safely!

Here are some of those reasons -

1. Restorative growth…not the runaway growth that leaving them alone will entail.


2. Shortening of long areas that simply need to be trimmed.

3. The reduction of pests.

This precludes major pruning, and just the correct amount from a pro is essential. The Tree Professional of the Reno area is also the bush and shrub professional. When you want proper summer trimming done in Northern Nevada you call Greg…The Tree Professional. That number is (775) 420-8694. Where else would you see their work, but

Monday, June 12, 2023

When Lightning Strikes.

Everyone knows that with hot summer weather comes more lightning strikes. They are dangerous enough for people and pets, but what about trees? Your Northern Nevada trees probably reach much higher into the sky than you do. When lightning strikes a tree on your property call The Tree Professional of Reno.

If the wood of your fallen tree has splintered noticeably and large sections of the tree are missing then, you will need to remove the tree from your property as soon as possible for safety’s sake. Stump removal processes will help remove the whole trunk as well.

That is where Greg of The Tree Professional of Reno comes in. Fallen trees are NO JOKE! Have them properly removed by The Tree Professional serving Northern Nevada. If one of your trees is hit by lightning call (775) 420-8694. See the safety for yourself at