Monday, July 15, 2024

Pruning Fruit Trees.

While late winter is the ideal time to prune fruit trees, summertime pruning may still be done to slow down or control growth. It is important to remove dead branches to determine if more branches are dying. That’s what a professional arborist such as Greg Chavez will do.

They call him The Tree Professional, and not without merit. Greg knows that it is important to prune trees with plenty of TLC to ensure that they will reach their full potential. When you let The Tree Professional prune your trees, you will choose them with great confidence!

The Tree Professional of Reno serves much of Northern Nevada. It doesn’t matter if it’s trees, shrubs, or hedges you can always count on The Tree Professional located in Reno. You will become the envy of your neighborhood!

Monday, July 1, 2024

Tree Trimming Service.

Are you in need of tree trimming in Northern Nevada? Get on the phone and make an appointment with Greg at The Tree Professional. Greg and his crew will come to your property and properly groom your trees so that the whole area looks great.

Tree trimming is an art. It is not something that you should trust to an amateur. The Tree Professional considers things such as the aesthetics and overall health of each tree. Greg and his team will listen to your wants and needs before he/they begin.

The Tree Professional might be the most aptly named business in the Reno area. When you need your trees trimmed professionally call Greg of The Tree Professional of Reno. It is the best decision you could make for your property. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Amazing Professional Tree Service!

If you have ever looked at a website and said, oh no…how does he do that? Or there is no way on this earth that I would attempt that, then you may have looked at On that site you will see some rather amazing scenarios.

You will see Greg Chavez at the top of a tree. The branches are so thin at that point, he looks a bit like Karl Wallenda…the man on a tightrope. You get the impression that The Tree Professional never met a tree he couldn’t climb.

Next time you visit the website, check out the gallery page. It is truly impressive to see! The Tree Professional of Reno serves Northern Nevada under the guiding hand of Greg Chavez. See all that they do, and give ‘em a call.


Saturday, June 8, 2024

Tree Removal.

This time of year, the wind in Northern Nevada can really kick up a gale. If/when that happens, less sturdy trees on your property may be victims of the higher winds. If a tree falls in the woods, maybe it is inconsequential, but if a tree falls on your Reno area property, that’s another story.

Tree removal is a very precise art. You need someone like arborist Greg Chavez of The Tree Professional of Reno to do the job safely and completely. There are many reasons why a tree must be removed from your property. Don’t ignore the obvious!

The Tree Professional is the first company that you should call if a tree falls on your property. The Tree Professional of Reno has served Northen Nevada with secure, safe tree removal for well over a decade. Make sure to call Greg right away.

Friday, May 10, 2024

Shrubs and Hedges.

When your property’s shrubs and hedges are improperly trimmed, it can make the outside of your home look unkempt. Unruly hedges can even block walkways and become a real nuisance. It is time to call The Tree Professional of Reno.

The Tree Professional will take care of all your trees and shrubs and make your property look beautiful. By the way, The Tree Professional will offer free estimates to have your trees and hedges professionally trimmed to your satisfaction!

The Tree Professional not only handles trees in Northern Nevada, but keeps bushes, hedges, and shrubs looking beautiful as well. Spring is here. Call The Tree Professional of Reno today to begin the process of having your property become the pride of the neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Reviews of The Tree Professional.

Greg is a skilled arborist. That’s a fact! Don’t just take our word for it. Here is a sample of the rave reviews given to him and his team at The Tree Professional. David K. said, “He did good work at a reasonable rate…considering the weather that day”.

Gary B. commented, “Great job, cleaned up good, price was right”. Robert S. opines, “My trees look great, Greg did a fabulous job”. Then there’s Lisa M, who relates, “Greg got up there and trimmed (the limbs) I no longer have to worry about branches on my power lines”.

See many more great comments about Greg Chavez and his team at The Tree Professional of Reno. Maybe you will be the next person in Northern Nevada to leave a glowing review. Visit

Monday, April 15, 2024


Dormant pruning is done at the beginning of spring when the threat of freezing has passed for the season. This is a great time of year to have your property’s bushes and hedges pruned professionally. That job should be left to The Tree Professional of Reno.

Right now, Greg and his team at The Tree Professional are offering 20% off pruning. We have well over a decade of experience with tree pruning. It’s especially important to prune fruit trees at the right time so that they can produce their fruit to their full potential.

The Tree Professional of Reno is always the right choice for Northern Nevada. Trees, hedges, and shrubs are their domain. Now that spring has sprung, contact The Tree Professional of Reno for pruning of your shrubs, bushes, and trees.