Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are You Stumped?

So that old tree finally gave up the ghost.  You either cut it down or it just toppled.  Now you are faced with that big old “hairy” tree stump or stumps on your property.  That is not only unsightly, but it could be hazardous.  This is especially true if you have kids playing in and around your yard.

Here are some steps that a professional tree stump remover uses –

1.  They put on safety gear and use a tree stump grinder…or
2.  They remove it manually with all of the roots intact.
3.  Maybe they will use chemicals that hastens the rotting process.
4.  Or they might literally set it on fire!

Does this sound like anything you are capable of or interested in doing?  I didn’t think so.  A professional tree remover is successful because he knows the right tools and methods for the job.  In the Reno area and throughout Northern Nevada you call Greg Chavez.  He is the area’s professional tree stump remover.  His number is (775) 420-8694.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tree Removal in Any Season.

When you have four distinct seasons as we do in Northern Nevada the challenge of tree removal does not wait until the snow thaws.  Suddenly an ice storm or major snow event can bring down trees in our area creating a potentially dangerous situation.  You don’t need help tomorrow or after the weekend…you need it now!

Need we remind you of the hazards of do it yourself tree removal?  When you factor in several inches of snow on the ground the task becomes even more daunting.  You need to be able to have the equipment as well as the experience to hoist entire trees and limbs over buildings and any large obstacle for that matter.

For many years local tree removal professional Greg Chavez has tackled every task successfully.  He not only does it safely and completely, but inexpensively as well.  The peace of mind alone is worth hiring a pro.  Once again, this winter and in every season, that Reno area tree professional is Greg Chavez.  Give him a call anytime at (775) 420-8694.