Tuesday, March 19, 2019

To Prune…or not to Prune.

It is not a question of if, but rather of when.  Is it prudent to trim trees in Northern Nevada in the middle of winter?  Here is a short answer.  Pruning deciduous plants in the winter promotes fast regrowth in the spring, as most of the plants around here are dormant during the winter.  Let’s start with that.

Now, the subject of exactly when and how –

1.  Pick a mild, dry day to prune
2.  Start with the dead and diseased branches
3.  Then remove the overgrown and diseased branches
4.  Hire a professional

As to that last point you can use the theory “what is in a name”.  The Tree Professionals at thetreeprofessional.com sounds like a good place to begin and conclude your search.  Call Greg and the excellent tree pruning bunch at The Tree Professionals.  They know the why’s, when’s, and how’s of Reno area tree trimming.  Just call (775) 420-8694.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

7th Annual Leprechaun Race - Reno

(Click the link above for more information)

"Yes, there will be a speedy leprechaun in the race. The leprechaun will start after everyone else has begun, giving everyone a generous head start. If you beat the leprechaun across the finish line, you will win a special prize."

Monday, March 4, 2019

Hey…You Down There…We’re Alive Too!

The trees on your property can’t talk, but maybe if they could they would remind you that they have been around (in many cases) a lot longer than you.  In point of fact, right here in the Silver State we have the oldest living trees on earth.  Healthy trees measure the passage of time with their rings (leave grandpa alone!)

Protecting trees from disease is very important.  Here are some of them –

1.  Anthracnose…the sycamore and the dogwood are hit hardest
2.  Cedar rust…found in the crabapple and the hawthorn
3.  Diplodia…the scourge of many pines
4.  Powdery mildew…found when fungus attacks new tissue

There are many others.  Some are found around Northern Nevada and some are not.  Don’t wait to find out the hard way!  If you suspect that any tree on your property is suffering from disease call The Tree Professionals right away.  They serve the Reno area with any and all tree and shrub issues.  That phone number is (775) 420-8694.