Monday, June 14, 2021

You Have to See this One to Fully Appreciate It.

There are some things that you have to see to fully appreciate its value or beauty. Things like a sunset, Mount Rushmore, a holiday greeting card, etc. Tree trimming is no exception. Greg and his team at The Tree Professional of Reno want you to see their work.

Greg believes (rightly) that when you see the gallery of work that is on display by googling their website you will be convinced once and for all. There should be no hesitation about calling The Tree Professional of Reno and Northern Nevada. See Greg doing his safe imitation of Tarzan!

The Tree Professional of Reno has been cleaning up nature’s messes for many years. If you have a downed tree or unkempt shrubs in Northern Nevada call Greg at (775) 420-8694. And, oh yeah, that gallery. Visit our website at

Friday, June 4, 2021

Do You Remember the Sandstorm of 2013?

It was just eight years ago in early June that a freak sandstorm struck Northern Nevada and caused a 27-car pileup. Yes, storms appear in the Reno area without warning even in June! That is the reason you can rely on The Tree Professional of Reno to remove fallen trees safely.

The number one point that The Tree Professional will observe is safety. They have thorough knowledge of power equipment, such as a chipper-shredder.  It is always safety-first with Greg and his team. Gear such as steel-toed boots, chainsaw chaps and gloves, as well as safety goggles, helmet and hearing protection are used.

Never attempt to remove a large tree from your property without calling the tree removal professionals at The Tree Professional! They are easy to find on the web. Just google Their phone number is (775) 420-8694.