Tuesday, July 20, 2021

People Really Like the Work that We Do.

Hearing from those who have experienced the professionalism and success of our work trimming trees and shrubs, and sometimes removing entire limbs as well as trees safely from residential, as well as commercial property, is a real convincer. While we are not the only tree professionals in the Reno area, we ARE the only one with that fact in our name!

One of our clients, David Litchfield, said we “did good work in a reasonable amount of time considering the weather.” Bob Perkins of Northern Nevada said “they had the lowest bid…and I couldn’t be happier with the work they did.” Pete Vossler wrote “The Tree Professional is exactly what their name professes; professional in every aspect.”

The praise for our work goes on and on and we include many of the comments on our website, thetreeprofessional.com. Seeing is truly believing, so we also include a gallery of our work there as well. When you need The Tree Professional of Northern Nevada, either in an emergency or not, call us anytime at (775) 420-8694.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Is Now a Good Time to Prune Bushes?

Perhaps you believe the answer is no, but now might be when it needs to be done on your Northern Nevada property. Whether or not you should prune bushes in the summer depends on what kind they are and how healthy. If they are getting so unwieldy that they whack you in the face, then it may be time! The Tree Professional of Reno can help you determine that.

First of all, The Tree Professional of Reno owned by Greg Chavez will give you 20% off if you call now. A poorly shaped and unkempt hedge is a real eyesore on an otherwise beautiful private property or business landscape.

The Tree Professional serves the tree removal and hedge trimming needs of Northern Nevada 12 months a year. It does not matter if there is snow on the ground or the temperature is hovering around 90, call The Tree Professional of Reno at (775) 420-8694. We think that you will find their work impressive. Just google thetreeprofessional.com.