Monday, June 12, 2023

When Lightning Strikes.

Everyone knows that with hot summer weather comes more lightning strikes. They are dangerous enough for people and pets, but what about trees? Your Northern Nevada trees probably reach much higher into the sky than you do. When lightning strikes a tree on your property call The Tree Professional of Reno.

If the wood of your fallen tree has splintered noticeably and large sections of the tree are missing then, you will need to remove the tree from your property as soon as possible for safety’s sake. Stump removal processes will help remove the whole trunk as well.

That is where Greg of The Tree Professional of Reno comes in. Fallen trees are NO JOKE! Have them properly removed by The Tree Professional serving Northern Nevada. If one of your trees is hit by lightning call (775) 420-8694. See the safety for yourself at

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Tree Pruning Can Be Done Any Time.

Maybe because summer is coming, you thought it was not a valid time to have your trees professionally pruned. Au contraire my friends in Northern Nevada! The Tree Professional of Reno knows how to perfectly trim the trees on your property regardless of the season. Give them a call to have the job done right.

Summer pruning (as it is known) involves cutting back the new shoots. Those new shoots are stiff, and all they do is serve to block sunlight. Greg will ascend your tree(s) and make sure that it is ready for sure and steady growth for years to come.

The Tree Professional of Reno is Greg Chavez and the team of professional arborists he employs. For professional tree pruning and other services call The Tree Professional at this phone number (775) 420-8694. If you want to see an array of services (as well as acrobatics), go to their website at