Monday, May 13, 2019

Things are Heating up in Northern Nevada.

Every year, we are impressed by how trees handle standing outside in 90 degree heat without being able to move and while they provide us with shade, they are not getting much shade themselves.  Of course, trees have evolved in very different ways from humans, buy just like us they “sweat out” water in order to hydrate.

This process is known as evapotranspiration.  It is how trees transport water through their roots, trunks, branches and eventually out of their leaves.  This particular process brings nutrients and water to all parts of the tree, and essentially allows the tree to breathe.  That old mantra climate change (whether you are a proponent or not) puts added stress on trees.

The trees of the Reno area and all of Northern Nevada are precious to The Tree Professionals.  They are this area’s true arborists and the people you call for care, proper growth, trimming, and cutting of all varieties of trees in our area.  Please call The Tree Professionals and keep your trees in tip top condition this summer.  That phone number is (775) 420-7694.    

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

You Gave So Much…Now We Want to Give Something Back.

Hey, you Seniors, you military veterans, and those with disabilities we appreciate you more than you know.  For some of our Reno area seniors…thank you for raising us to adulthood so we could pursue our dreams.  To the veterans…thank you for your service in allowing us to follow those dreams safely.

For those with various disabilities, we recognize that you are not able to do the physical tasks that you would love to do.  To all of you, we say a heartfelt thanks!  Where would we be in Northern Nevada today without your guidance?

Here at The Tree Professionals we want to give back in any way that we can.  If you are disabled, are a military veteran, or a senior citizen please ask us about our discounts when you call.  We want to serve you as inexpensively as possible with tree trimming and removal.  Please call us, The Tree Professionals of Northern Nevada at (775) 420-7694.