Monday, December 18, 2017

People Hugging Time.

There are folks all over the world called “tree huggers”.  They are defined as people who care deeply about the environment and its future.  Please count The Tree Professionals and the Chavez family among their ranks.  During this holiday season we want you to remember the humans in your life and be “people huggers”!

During the long winter months ahead, you may need our services.  It may be at home or at your business.  By now, we hope that you know if you have a problem with trees and shrubs in Northern Nevada the answer is The Tree Professional.  We are dedicated to keeping your lawn and outside common area clean and safe.

To see our work, we invite you to visit  This is our business…the Chavez family and we stand at the ready to help you when you need us.  Once again, Happy Holidays from our family to yours at The Tree Professionals of Reno Nevada.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Ride the Polar Express™ on the Virginia & Truckee Railroad

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"Riding The Polar Express™ to the North Pole has become a popular family outing during the Christmas holiday season in the Reno / Tahoe area. Transportation to visit Santa's legendary workshop is provided on trains of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad, departing on select dates from the Eastgate Depot near Carson City."

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tree Trimming Safety Tips.

When a big ‘ole tree decides to become a problem, it has no respect for what time of year it is.  Reno winters can be very harsh, but if a tree needs to be removed from your property a professional approach must be taken.  Trying to remove a tree as an amateur is a bit like trying to remove a tooth by yourself!

Here is what a professional will do about that hazardous tree –

1.)        Inspect the area around the task.
2.)        Locate any power lines.
3.)        Wait until the weather improves.
4.)        Wearing the proper gear is mandatory.
5.)        If there is pressure then small cuts need to be made to relieve it.

Tree removal (especially this time of year) needs to be done by a Tree Professional.  Who better to do it than The Tree Professionals?  That is the name of the tree removal and trimming service that serves Reno and Northern Nevada.  Never, ever tackle this task by yourself.  Call Greg Chavez of The Tree Professionals at (775) 420-8694.

$99 Night Out Reno Philharmonic

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Enjoy a Night Out with the Reno Phil and our partner restaurants!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Did you Notice that Tree?

Perhaps you own a business in the Reno area and you open your doors every day without taking a careful look around your property.  Sometimes, business owners are so absorbed in the bottom line they forget about natural hazards that lurk just outside the front door.  Maybe it is that tree that is coming dangerously close to your building.

Before winter hits with all of its fury, this would be an excellent time to address that issue.  A fallen tree at the wrong time in the wrong place can set your business back for days…or worse, actually harm a customer!  No, no, no not my bread and butter…you need to act immediately if you notice a potentially harmful tree.

Greg Chavez to the rescue!  Greg and his team at The Tree Professionals (nice name, indeed) will handle that menacing tree once and for all quickly and safely.  The Tree Professionals are Northern Nevada’s commercial tree removal experts.  Today is the day to give them a call…just leave a message if it’s nighttime at (775) 420-8694.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving Day Weekend Activities and Events

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"Thanksgiving Day and weekend in Reno and Sparks have many options for participating in family friendly events. It's a time when activities revolve around good food and visiting with family and friends."

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Getting Trimmed Before the Snow Flies.

Hedges and shrubs make your home and property something you can be proud of.  If they are not properly cared for your estate might start looking like Wuthering Heights!  Everyone notices your landscaping.  Even if the inside of your home is a mess, the way your property looks reflects on your family every time someone drives by.

Just look at the practical side of the equation.  If a shrub or hedge has grown into a pathway it creates not only an eyesore, but a hazard.  The proper trimming and maintenance of those living accent pieces is the difference of how you and the public look at your living conditions.  Sometimes people just let things get away from them.

Before winter really sets in this is a great time to have the work done.  The right choice every time is The Tree Professional.  Greg Chavez and his hardworking crew are Reno’s shrub and hedge trimming pros.  Before much longer you will have to wait until spring, so do it now!  Call the Tree Professionals of Northern Nevada at (775) 420-8694. 

Off Beat Music Festival, Nov 2 - 4

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Three Days of Music and Fun in #RenoTahoe!



Monday, October 16, 2017

Tree Huggers Stay Away!

This a tree you DO NOT want to hug.  It’s a tree that has fallen on or next to a power line.  About one out of five unplanned power outages in America are caused by trees and other vegetation growing too close to power lines.  High winds in Northern Nevada can (and often do) cause trees to fall on lines of communication.

Trees and electricity don’t mix!  Just having a tree growing too close to a power line is a source of great potential danger.  There is the risk of fire in dry conditions.  Electricity can travel from the top of the tree directly to the ground.  Obviously, those that touch such foliage are subject to shock and even electrocution.

So, what’s next?  The answer is obvious.  In the Reno area you call the Tree Professional.  He is Greg Chavez…Northern Nevada’s safe tree remover.  Let his years of expertise come into play as he removes those potential hazards from your property.  Don’t even THINK about doing it yourself!  Call Greg Chavez of The Tree Professional at (775) 420-8694.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Dozens of Halloween events and parties in Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe

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"Attention zombies, ghouls and ghosts. Check out the calendar of Halloween events and parties in Reno, Sparks and Lake Tahoe."


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Trees…and the Upcoming Winter.

It won’t be long now.  Your trees have a way of communicating that the season is changing.  They are sitting on your property asking to be “groomed”.  As the leaves begin to change color and eventually shed it’s important as property owners to give your trees a helping hand as they prepare for our often harsh and cold Northern Nevada winter.

Here are some tips to prepare for the next season –

1.  Before you start…clean up the dead trees and limbs.
2.  A very important step in the process is pruning.
3.  Give your trees a little extra water…they are thirsty in the fall too.
4.  Fertilize around the base of your trees.  They need the nutrition.

Caring for your trees is as important as caring for the inside of your home.  In Northern Nevada home owners know the area’s best tree professional.  He is Greg Chavez.  Greg is the owner of The Tree Professional…duh!  Before the snow flies call Greg for a visit to your property at let him assess what is needed.  That number is (775) 420-8694.

Reno - Things To Do

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"If you are planning to visit Reno, you've made a great choice! Here you will find links to places of interest in Reno and surrounding areas."

Friday, September 15, 2017

A Not So Merry Christmas.

That is odd…Christmas in September?  What is that all about?  It concerns the blight of the Northern Nevada pine tree.  It is known as “needle blight and it generally describes the sudden demise of pine needles (tomorrow’s Christmas trees).  It usually is spotted at the tip of the needle with a gray discoloration.

A comprehensive study of pine needle blight syndrome was conducted several years ago.  There were a variety of factors cited as the cause of pine needle blight on the Northern Nevada landscape.  There may be fungal pathogens or environmental stress, for example.

Be that as it may, we live in harmony with our trees.  Their health is vital to your property and the planet in general.  In the Reno area, you can always trust Greg Chavez, The Tree Professional to identify and treat the symptoms of arboreal disease.  Invite him out to your property by calling (775) 420-8694.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Don't Miss the Styx in Jackson, CA - Sept 17th

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September 17, 2017
Sunday   8:00 PM

Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Best Trees to Plant in Nevada.

As the seasons change, the time comes to consider what your property will look like NEXT summer and the seasons beyond.  Did you ever wonder what is considered our plant “hardiness” in the Reno area?  It is registered by a five whereas the southern part of the state with its searing summer climes and moderate winters is an eight.

A particularly great tree for our area is the Norway and Dwarf Alberta Spruce.  Don’t forget the Scarlet and Crimson Maples which will add blazingly beautiful fall colors to your garden.  For privacy on your property, consider planting a row of Thuja Emerald Green, American Holly or Drought Free Evergreens.

Whatever you decide to add to your land always remember the name Greg Chavez.  Greg is a Northern Nevada arborist who will be there when you need trimming, pruning, or removal of any tree on your property.  Learn more about Greg Chavez by visiting  Then call him whenever you need him at (775) 420-8694.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Don't Miss Bowers Mansion Bluegrass Festival, Aug 18-20

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"The Biggest Little Music Festival in the World"

Time for a Decent Burial.

How do you determine life or death?  Well, it may not be that be simple when the subject is trees on your property.  Here are a few ways to tell if a particular branch is alive or dead.  At first, you might find you need to go up for a closer examination, but over time you’ll start to get a sense from the ground.

Is a branch leafless while its counterparts are flourishing?  Have you noticed that seemingly dead leaves are clinging to a branch while others around it are bare?  Look carefully at the bark.  If it is bare, thereby exposing the smooth wood beneath it that is a sure sign.  The obvious one is noticing large clumps of fungus growing on the tree.

It all adds up to one thing.  Those limbs or that tree need to go.  Knowing when, where, and how are the reasons you contact a tree professional.  In Reno that choice is simple.  You call The Tree Professional…Northern Nevada’s tree health and maintenance experts.  Let them come out and give you an estimate before summer turns quickly to winter by calling (775) 420-8694.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hot August Nights 2017

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"Hot August Nights 2017 is the 31st anniversary of the Reno area's biggest event of the year, which will run from Tuesday, August 8 through Sunday, August 13."

To Prune or Not to Prune.

That is the question.  We are not talking about staying “regular”, although that is a good idea.  The reference here is when and how to have the trees pruned on your property in the Reno Nevada area.  First of all, we want to give you a head’s up now that the ideal time for pruning is in a couple of months when the weather turns.

How to prune is something probably best left to a tree professional.

1.  Dead or dying branches should be removed…a pro will know which ones.
2.  Prune well below any diseased limbs and NOT when they are wet!
3.  When two branches cross…cut off the smaller of the two.
4.  Leave room for plenty of sunlight to reach the middle of the tree.

When you love trees and recognize them as living monuments you take great pride in your work.  That is the case of Greg Chavez and his crew.  They are Northern Nevada’s tree professionals.  Please visit the beautiful gallery and satisfied reviews at  Then call for an appointment on your property at (775) 420-8694.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Going Out on a Limb.

Did you ever wonder where that expression comes from?  It was used in politics back in the late 1880’s as it was obvious what it meant.  When a politician left the “safety” of the center of the “tree” he was going “out on a limb”.  Everyone knows not to try to climb out on unsafe limbs and try to trim them.

However, what many try to do is a certain amount of tree-trimming that they THINK is safe.  That decision is not only dangerous, but could be downright serious.  Are you really willing to risk your future and your family’s by being some ersatz Paul Bunyan just to save a few dollars and have it done right?

It is not just about the money, but how is the job going to look when you are done.  One of Northern Nevada’s best tree-trimming professionals is Greg Chavez.  If are not convinced then visit  See the gallery of his work.  Then call for an appointment at (775) 420-8694.

Things to do this Summer!

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"Sure, Lake Tahoe is a pretty sight in the winter, but you can stay warm and enjoy its picturesque outdoors in the summer with Lake Tahoe activities."

Monday, July 3, 2017

What is an Arborist?

No, it is not someone who works in a ship yard.  Let’s give you a dictionary definition.  An arborist is a professional involved in the cultivation, management, and study of trees, shrubs, and other perennial woody plants.  Generally, an arborist concentrates on the individual health and maintenance of such living organisms.

If an arborist is required to work near power lines additional training is required.  Those that climb use a number of techniques such as “single rope” or “double rope”.  They may also use spikes attached to their chainsaw boots with straps that ascend to do their work.  It sounds somewhat romantic and dangerous!

Greg Chavez is proud to be a Northern Nevada arborist.  You would have to ask him where he developed his love for trees, but count on this…if you have a tree or shrub that needs to be removed or trimmed you won’t do better than inviting Greg onto your property to estimate the job.  Call The Tree Professional today at (775) 420-8694.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Things to do in Reno for the 4th of July

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"Independence Day, commonly referred to as Fourth of July is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. We celebrate July 4th in Reno Nevada with fireworks, parades, backyard BBQ, fairs, baseball games, shopping for great deals, or enjoying a nice evening out with friends and family."

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I’m a Lumberjack and I’m Okay.

Remember the Monty Python sketch?  Google it if you want.  It is just a humorous way of reminding you that the art of cutting down a tree is just that…an art.  There is safety involved and the clean-up can be challenging to get the area looking lush and beautiful long after that offending oak has been removed.

It starts with a professional who really takes pride in the art of proper tree removal.  It may be a mundane task to you, but NOT to Greg Chavez and his team.  The Tree Professionals of Northern Nevada are exactly that…tree professionals.  If you excel in a given task you want people to be aware.  Well, we want you to know about Greg.

When you need a tree removed in the Reno area you should turn to The Tree Professionals every time.  They offer a healthy 20% discount to seniors, veterans, and the physically challenged!  The choice seems pretty clear doesn’t it?  Call The Tree Professionals for tree removal or trimming in Northern Nevada at (775) 420-8694.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Make Your Father's Day Plans

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"Father's Day in Reno has a lot to offer for the weekend. Take dad to dinner, a Father's Day brunch or one of the many events going on in Reno for Father's Day 2017."

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Find Activities to do in Reno, Nevada

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Find popular attractions and activities for the family to enjoy in Reno, NV!

If You Could Be a Tree What Tree Would You Be?

Remember Barbara Walter’s signature line?  Well…if you could plant a tree in Northern Nevada what tree would you plant?  We may have finally come out of that drought of the early 2010’s so our fancy lightly turns to thoughts of healthy trees in our backyard.  Here is a tip…choose a tree that can thrive in our ever-changing weather.

This isn’t Las Vegas, so plant accordingly.  Consider the sycamore.  It is a great tree for the Reno area.  They have a high tolerance for drought which is bound to happen again.  They provide mucho shade.  They grow like majestic “weeds” (but don’t look like them).  Best of all, perhaps is that they are practically bug-free!

Now, if and when a tree becomes a burden or a hazard there is one clear-cut choice.  Logically, he is called The Tree Professional.  His name is Greg Chavez.  Lest you think that Greg does not take his responsibility as one of Nevada’s top tree removers seriously visit his website at  Call him anytime at (775) 420-8694.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Memorial Weekend in Reno, NV

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"This three-day weekend (May 27 - 29) is the traditional start of the summer vacation season and there are lots of things to do around the Reno region" 

Who Pays for a Fallen Tree?

Remember the old saying, “If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around does it make a noise?”  That may sound silly, but what is very serious is when your neighbor’s tree falls on your house who pays to have it removed?  We hope that you are never involved in such an incident, but there is over 12 million dollars a year in property damage caused by fallen trees.

After you’re sure that no one has been injured by the event the next thing to do is talk to your neighbor, exchange insurance information, and take pictures.  Do not panic!  As long as everyone is safe…take a deep breath.  Later you can assess, with the help of an insurance adjuster or an attorney, who should pay for the clean-up.

One thing is definite.  If that ever happens to you or a loved one in Northern Nevada the clean-up part is easy.  You immediately call Greg Chavez the leading Reno area tree removal expert.  Depending on where the limbs are laying this is ONLY a job for a skilled professional.  Call Greg right as soon as you can at (775) 420-8694.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Make Your Mother's Day Plans!

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Mother's Day 2017 is on Sunday, May 14. Taking Mom out for Mother's Day brunch or dinner is a tradition enjoyed by many. Here are some of the dining options to consider when looking for that special Mother's Day treat for your Mom."

Monday, May 1, 2017

The Trees of Northern Nevada.

We have a very diverse state with four distinctive seasons here in the northern part of Nevada.  So, what trees are the best to have growing on your property?  In previous years the drought impacted which trees would thrive in our environment.  The most important thing is to plant trees that withstand the ever-changing weather conditions.

Sycamores are great trees for Northern Nevada.  They are nearly free of bugs, they grow quickly, and they provide a wonderful area of shade.  Another variety with similar qualities is the Horse Chestnut.  If we suffer through another drought then be aware that the Aspen is not particularly resilient to a prolonged lack of moisture.

You can do the research as to which trees will look best on your property and choose accordingly.  When it comes to the maintenance, or perhaps removal of any tree on your land…no research is needed.  You call Northern Nevada tree removal expert Greg Chavez of The Tree Professional.  He is simply the best.  Call for a free estimate at (775) 420-8694.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reno Earth Day 2017

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Reno Earth Day 2017

Idlewild Park
April 23, 2017

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Tree pollen allergies can be debilitating.  For those of you who suffer from them this is the time of year that you dread.  Many assume that trees bearing colorful flowers will trigger those awful symptoms.  The truth is, flowering trees usually have “stickier” pollen that does NOT tend to blow in the wind.

Here are some tips to manage those spring allergies –

1.  Know which trees trigger your sneezing and wheezing.
2.  Avoid contact as much as possible.  Take precautions when you go outdoors.
3.  If you have a culprit in your yard remove it!

As to that last point, make sure that a true tree professional gets the job done right the first time with no remnants of that nasty “trigger”.  In the Reno area and throughout Northern Nevada we trust Greg Chavez.  Please visit the website  Enough said…call (775) 420-8694 today and start feeling better this spring.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Easter Sunday Celebration at The Bridge

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Easter Sunday is April 16th. The Bridge will have three services: 8:30, 10:00 & 11:30 am. Nursery & Kids Kingdom will be provided for all 3 services.

Time to Prune.

No, not those wrinkly fruits that keep us “going”.  We are talking about your poor trees that have made it through another long Northern Nevada winter.  Diseased, damaged, and even dead branches should be removed in the early spring.  This is a great time before your beautiful trees open up their buds.

Here is a general rule of thumb: generally speaking, trees that flower after mid-summer should be pruned in the spring.  Apple, cherry, peach, plum and clematis particularly fall into that category.  Also, rose bushes can really benefit from spring pruning.  If you want health flora and fauna pruning and maintenance are essential.

During this time of year when the weather changes dramatically every week you need a tree professional for the bigger jobs.  There is no better in the Reno Area than Greg Chavez…Northern Nevada’s tree pruning pro.  Have him come out to your property for a free assessment of the job that needs doing by calling (775) 420-8694. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Removing a Tree Requires a Pro.

Home owners come in all shapes and sizes.  There are people in the Reno area that are physically challenged, but they are proud owners of their own property.  Some of us are up in years and have been in our home almost as long as the trees have been there.  So many tasks need to be “jobbed out”.

Surrounding your family with professionals who do specific tasks is what makes us successful.  We don’t repair our car.  We don’t fix our teeth.  We may even hire a landscaping service to keep our kingdom looking beautiful.  It is all a part of living a comfortable and successful life in Northern Nevada.

If you are a senior citizen, a veteran, or are physically challenged in any way The Tree Professional thinks you deserve a break!  We offer special discounts for anyone who needs tree removal or trimming on their property.  All you have to do is call Greg Chavez…Reno’s tree professional at (775) 420-8694.

Make Your St. Patrick's Day Plans!

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"Much of Reno's St. Patrick's Day fun happens in our numerous Irish pubs, but there is plenty more. Check out the many activities going on throughout the area for various St. Patrick's Day events, many of which are family-friendly."

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

See the Work of a Professional.

I think some of us believe that tree and large stump removal is a do-it-yourself type of job.  Hey, I used to climb trees like a jaguar!  How tough could it be to get up there and cut down a few limbs?  Why can’t I just start cutting at the base and bring down the whole darn thing if I want to…as long as it doesn’t fall on the house, of course.

You also may have considered poisoning the stump so that it rots and is easy to remove.  Now you have issues with people and pets.  You don’t want to live with that, do you?  All things considered, there is the safety and sanity of the issue.  Why would you not hire a tree removal professional to do the job?

We invite you to see the photo gallery of  When you see it, I believe you will be grateful that you thought twice before doing it yourself.  We are truly blessed to live in Northern Nevada with its beauty and changing seasons.  We are also fortunate to have Greg Chavez THE area’s true tree professional who is just a phone call away at (775) 420-8694.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Are You Stumped?

So that old tree finally gave up the ghost.  You either cut it down or it just toppled.  Now you are faced with that big old “hairy” tree stump or stumps on your property.  That is not only unsightly, but it could be hazardous.  This is especially true if you have kids playing in and around your yard.

Here are some steps that a professional tree stump remover uses –

1.  They put on safety gear and use a tree stump grinder…or
2.  They remove it manually with all of the roots intact.
3.  Maybe they will use chemicals that hastens the rotting process.
4.  Or they might literally set it on fire!

Does this sound like anything you are capable of or interested in doing?  I didn’t think so.  A professional tree remover is successful because he knows the right tools and methods for the job.  In the Reno area and throughout Northern Nevada you call Greg Chavez.  He is the area’s professional tree stump remover.  His number is (775) 420-8694.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Tree Removal in Any Season.

When you have four distinct seasons as we do in Northern Nevada the challenge of tree removal does not wait until the snow thaws.  Suddenly an ice storm or major snow event can bring down trees in our area creating a potentially dangerous situation.  You don’t need help tomorrow or after the weekend…you need it now!

Need we remind you of the hazards of do it yourself tree removal?  When you factor in several inches of snow on the ground the task becomes even more daunting.  You need to be able to have the equipment as well as the experience to hoist entire trees and limbs over buildings and any large obstacle for that matter.

For many years local tree removal professional Greg Chavez has tackled every task successfully.  He not only does it safely and completely, but inexpensively as well.  The peace of mind alone is worth hiring a pro.  Once again, this winter and in every season, that Reno area tree professional is Greg Chavez.  Give him a call anytime at (775) 420-8694.

Monday, January 16, 2017

What They Are Saying About Greg Chavez.

Who is this Greg Chavez anyway?  Well, if you need a tree removed from your backyard in the Reno, Nevada area he may be the most important person for you to know.  Removing trees and the debris that is left behind is a major task.  It is NOT a DIY job.  Especially in the dead of winter it requires care, professionalism, and experience.

Here is an example of what people are saying about Greg Chavez Reno’s tree professional.  One customer had two 80-foot elms hanging over his house.  Greg not only safely removed the trees, but saved the owner some big fines with their careful removal.  Another happy camper received several estimates and once again, The Tree Professional came in with the lowest bid.

It continues to be the case over and over.  Simply put, no one in the Northern Nevada area does his job better.  Man vs. tree…when you hire Greg Chavez it’s game over - man wins every time!  Whenever you are faced with fallen trees or those that have become hazards, pick up the phone and call Greg - The Tree Professional at (775) 420-8694.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

To Prune or Not to Prune.

Is this a good time of year to have your trees and shrubs trimmed and prune?  Here is a tip before you call that professional to do the job right.  Pruning plants in the dead of winter promotes faster growth in the spring.  Think of it like your kid’s hair.  If you keep it trimmed and shaped, it will not only grow out properly, but will look so much better when it does.

Here are some other matters to address before making that call -
1.  Check the weather forecast.  Try to have the pruning done on a mild and dry day.
2.  Prune out the dead and diseased branches first.  This is why you need a pro.
3.  Remove the smaller and overgrown branches.
4.  Where to cut is extremely important to promote spring and summer growth.

This is probably NOT a DIY job.  It is, however routine for a tree professional.  So, if you live in the Reno area, why not call  Greg Chavez has rightly earned that term.  He is your Reno and Northern Nevada professional tree trimmer and remover.  This is the right time of year to give him a call at (775) 420-8694.