Monday, May 16, 2022

Don’t Leave Hedges Untrimmed.

Have you ever driven past a property in Northern Nevada and your eyes are diverted to a lawn where the hedges are unkempt? It’s an unsightly look…isn’t it? Untrimmed hedges are easy to manage, but just as easy to ignore until it gets away from you. The Tree Professional of Reno is whom to call when you want perfectly trimmed hedges.

Hedges can be a relatively low maintenance for a pro like The Tree Professional. It can set your property apart, especially when you use them creatively. Hedges can mark the dividing lines between your yard and your neighbors’ yards or even create different sections on your own property in Northern Nevada.

The Tree Professional located in Reno is SO much more than the name implies. When you have hedges or bushes that need to be shaped and cut call them at (775) 420-8694. Greg, The Tree Professional, will come to your property to assess the job. See the work that is done by them when you visit

Monday, May 2, 2022

What Do They Say about Greg and His Team?

Jim K. had this to say…”Had two big Elms - 80 footers hanging over house and garage, to protect my roofing investment, called out Greg at the Tree Professionals, he not only took care of the project I wanted, he informed me of city ordinance and sidewalk clearances and probably saved me money on fines”. Not bad, huh?

Bob Perkins said it succinctly…”I received several estimates to have 3 trees in my yard trimmed. Tree Professional's estimate was the lowest bid. I couldn't be happier with the work they did”. Yep, that’s Greg and The Tree Professional team of Reno.

When you call Greg, you are calling one of the most renowned arborists in Northern Nevada. For your next property project make sure that you reach for the phone and call this number (775) 420-8694. You will reach The Tree Professional of Reno. You will be amazed at their work! Particularly when you visit