Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Trees that Need to be Removed.

Nobody enjoys having a tree removed from their private or commercial property. They accentuate the landscape of your home or business in Northern Nevada. Sometimes, it is inevitable. When it is time to have a tree removed you know who to trust…The Tree Professional of Reno.

If you have never seen the work of Greg Chavez at The Tree Professional, all you have to do is visit his aptly named website…thetreeprofessional.com. You will see Greg doing his best arial acts on that website. It is a graphic example of the work that they do.

When a tree falls in the woods does anyone hear it? When a tree falls on your Northern Nevada property…now that’s a horse of a different color! Do not take chances with the safety of your family and friends. Call The Tree Professional of Reno as soon as possible at (775) 420-8694. Take a closer look at their website thetreeprofessional.com.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

A Heavy Snowfall Can Cause A Lot of Damage to Your Trees.

It’s not surprising…heavy, wet snow can damage trees and shrubs in Northern Nevada and put an inordinate amount of weight on branches. This may cause them to bend, break or split, which could lead to tree failure of the entire tree uprooting and taking a fall. The Tree Professional of Reno is just that…a tree care professional.

It’s necessary to pay close attention this winter and to monitor some tree species that are more vulnerable to Northern Nevada’s heavy snowfalls. A tree with strong right-angle branches may very well withstand snow and ice better than a tree with narrow, more vertical branch curves.

It will help to know the vulnerability of the trees on your Northern Nevada property this winter. What is even more helpful is knowing the name The Tree Professional of Reno. Greg and his crew will help you maintain your trees in the upcoming months. Take a look at thetreeprofessional.com then call (775) 420-8694.