Wednesday, December 1, 2021

We Like Climbing Trees.

This could be the start of a lot of things. When a person has made a living climbing trees for most of this century, then you figure they are probably an arborist. Trimming trees and bushes and removing trees from your Northern Nevada property is a passion of Greg Chavez, who owns (appropriately enough) a company called The Tree Professional.

When you call Greg, you may rest assured that not only will the job be done to your satisfaction, but the clean up that is done AFTER the job is second to none! All of this is done first and foremost with safety in mind. The first order of business for Greg and his team is keeping everyone safe wherever they do the job required in Northern Nevada.

The Tree Professional of Reno hopes that when you need a tree removed or trimmed, or bushes or shrubs trimmed you will think of them first in 2022, as you have for well over a decade. See the work for yourself by visiting and always call (775) 420-8694.