Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Who’s Going to Clean Up This Mess?

It is one thing to trim or remove a tree from your property.  It is quite another to clean up the debris and return your yard to its normal immaculate look.  When removing or trimming a tree from your yard an arborist can help determine what special care you might need to keep the trees AND your yard in good shape.

Here are a few good questions to ask ahead of time –

1.  Insist on proof of insurance.
2.  How will the debris be disposed of?
3.  Walk through the job with the trimmer.
4.  Have them put it in writing if you wish.

The Tree Professional of Northern Nevada is happy to oblige.  When you talk to Greg you get straight answers every time to help you feel comfortable that your property is going to look better than ever when he and his crew finish the job.  For any tree trimming or removal service in the Reno area call The Tree Professional at (775) 420-7694.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Your Tree Needs a Haircut.

Just like human hair, a tree needs to be trimmed every once in a while.  So, if you’re having a professional tree service trim heavy branches, they have to be extra careful not to damage the bark or interfere with the tree’s natural healing response.  Tree trimming is an art and a vocation, not a weekend DIY project!

Here are a few steps in the process –

1.  A small notch will be cut at a precise point near the bottom of the limb
2.  Just outside of that notch a relief cut will be made through the branch
3.  The final cut should be made where the branch collar becomes the smooth branch bark

If not done properly the branch could be cut too short or left too long.  The relief cuts must be precise, or the branch could easily break off from the weight.  That’s why you rely on the professionals - The Tree Professional located in Reno and serving Northern Nevada.  Call the tree trimming experts The Tree Professional at (775) 420-7694.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


It could happen any day.  If you have a hazardous tree in your yard, strong winds from a major storm could break a branch or even cause the tree to topple onto your roof.  Fallen trees can cause thousands of dollars in damage and pose a big risk to you and your family.  You may have insurance, but that does not protect you from the potential danger.

Here are some signs that a tree is in danger of falling –

1.  There is a hole in the trunk.
2.  Deep cracks are visible and even missing bark.
3.  There are dead branches.
4.  The trunk is leaning.
5.  Branches are growing close together in a V-shape.

Besides the above, roots could be rotting which may be hard for someone to spot…unless you are a tree professional.  That’s right, in the Reno area there is one business that has earned the right to be called The Tree Professional.  If a tree falls on your Northern Nevada property EVERYBODY knows.  Call The Tree Professional first at (775) 420-7694.