Monday, January 14, 2019

Tree Removal and maintenance in the Winter.

Commonly, people in Northern Nevada may believe that tree removal services go to The Bahamas for a few months…oh if only we could afford it!  The truth of the matter is that winter is a perfect time for pruning and even removing tress.  Even more significant, pruning is best left for winter. This is especially true when speaking about fruit trees.

Here are some reasons –

1.  Evaluating the structure of a tree is easier
2.  They will recover quicker in the spring
3.  Less chance of spreading diseases
4.  It reduces the damage of harsh winter weather

So, now you know…don’t fear winter weather tree removal.  The Tree Professionals just got back from The Bahamas (no, not really!) and we are ready to take care of your tree trimming and removal needs anywhere in the Reno Nevada area.  Please give us a call and we’ll assess the job for free.  That phone number is (775) 420-8694.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Heavy Snow vs. Big Tree.

A true clash of the titans.  When heavy snowfall hits Northern Nevada trees may be collateral damage.  When trees are affected by snow your first impression may be to start sawing off damaged branches.  Stop!  Homeowners in the Reno area should first assess the condition of the tree to avoid further destruction or injury.

Here are some tips to care for snow-damaged trees –

1.  Check the surroundings for hazards.
2.  Contact the city if applicable when down trees cover sidewalks.
3.  Be careful in removing snow from tree limbs.
4.  Don’t over-prune.
5.  This is NOT a DIY job.

As to that final point, don’t try to be Paul Bunyan!  Please call the Tree Professionals right away.  That is why they have that name.  Headed up by Greg Chavez they are trained to handle any winter emergencies that may befall the trees or shrubs in your Reno area backyard.  If snow harms your tree(s) call them at (775) 420-8694.