Friday, February 16, 2018

When is the Best Time to Prune?

For months you have been looking at branches and limbs stripped down to their bare bones in Northern Nevada.  It won’t be long now when the rich, bright tones of spring’s bloom are a wonderful welcome to the new season.  You’ll want to make sure your trees have a healthy base that’s for sure!

Knowing when to trim trees keeps them healthy in the long-term while setting them up for a season of robust growth and beauty.  Arborists are in agreement.  Sometime between the changing leaves in fall and flower blooms in spring, your trees need a trim. Anytime between late fall and early spring is best for tree trimming or pruning.

Now you know.  What you may not know is that Reno’s premier tree trimming and pruning professional is just a phone call away.  He is Greg Chavez the President of The Tree Professionals of Northern Nevada.  You see him on Google, now see him work his magic in your yard by calling (775) 420-8694.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Reno Wine Walk - Feb 17th

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"Join us every third Saturday of the month from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm when the Riverwalk Merchants Association hosts the popular Wine Walk (the original, and still the best!) along the Truckee River and neighboring streets in downtown Reno."


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Look up in the Sky…It’s Greg!

When was the last time that you climbed a tree on your property with a chain saw in your hand or strapped to your body?  Really?  I didn’t think so!  Who does that?  A tree professional does that and that should be it!  It must be someone with years of experience and sometimes, the courage of a high-wire walker.

The alternative is to allow trees on your land to grow wildly without trimming.  When you do that, you subject your home and possibly your family to harm.  Trees don’t announce when they are about to topple or shed branches.  Sometimes it is the weather or maybe it is age or disease that causes it to happen.

I am Greg Chavez.  My crew and I are Northern Nevada’s tree professionals.  If you are skeptical visit  Look at our photo gallery.  There I am flirting with the clouds with a chain saw in my hand!  Call me for any removal or trimming that needs to be done on your Reno area property at (775) 420-8694.