Monday, September 16, 2019

Stay Away from that Power Line!

Trees growing through power lines are dangerous because they create a potential path for electricity to travel directly to the ground.  People that come into contact with this path (by touching, climbing, trimming or cutting down the trees) may put themselves at serious risk of being electrocuted or receiving significant electrical burns.

Trees near power lines are also a serious fire risk in dry weather conditions…and, yes leaves or branches touching lines can catch fire!  The most important thing to remember in Northern Nevada is that tree owners are responsible for keeping their trees away from network electricity lines.  Their family’s safety as well as the public’s is at stake.

Now, if you please, visit the website on the web.  Please go to our gallery and note the third picture in the first row located on the right.  Now you know why Reno area residents have counted on The Tree Professional for removal of tree limbs touching power lines.  Call them anytime at (775) 420-7694.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Help…It’s an Emergency!

We all know that trees on our Reno area property provide shade and beauty, as well as create privacy around your home.  The trees in your yard also help to keep the area cooler and give off oxygen that provides a more pleasant environment.  However, there are certain occasions when emergency tree removal service is necessary.

For example, say a tree has been damaged or fallen after one of our fierce Northern Nevada storms.  If a tree is older, weak, or there is simply a strong storm, it may incur damage that makes it a hazard for you and maybe even the neighbors.  In some cases, a tree or parts of it have blown over or landed on a building or car.

Do not hesitate for one minute!  Call The Tree Professional serving Reno and Northern Nevada with 24/7 emergency tree removal service.  You know the drill, if you get out in the yard and try to remove the debris yourself then you are taking an enormous chance of being injured.  Call Greg at The Tree Professional at (775) 420-7694.