Thursday, May 24, 2018

Memorial Weekend in Reno

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"Even though it is technically still spring, Memorial Day weekend always feels like a kickoff to summer. It wouldn’t be the same without a little sun, BBQ and making memories with family and friends. Whether enjoying a long weekend, or trying to make the most of the usual two-day break, Reno Tahoe has just the ticket to creating an epic weekend."

A Little off the Top Please.

We’re not talking about haircuts here, but we are speaking of trimming…AND pricing!  That latter sounds appealing doesn’t it?  Taking a little off of the top whether it be hair or trees is often necessary.  What is a bit unusual is offering one-fifth off of the final price when the job is done to your satisfaction.

That is exactly what we do at The Tree Professionals.  When you take advantage of any one or more of our myriad services, we instantly save you 20%.  That’s not all…we also offer discounts to seniors, veterans, and those with physical challenges.  We think you deserve a discount when tree trimming or removal is necessary.

For details on all of our services please visit  Yeah, that’s us THE tree professional!  We are proud to serve the Reno area and Northern Nevada with (you guessed it) professional tree service.  Call our head arborist Greg Chavez and make an appointment and we will apply the discount at (775) 420-8694.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

What is the Right Time to Prune a Fruit Tree?

Well now, that is up for interpretation. The answer depends on your specific goals. For example, let’s say that you have a small, burgeoning apple tree and you want it to grow quickly and produce a better quality harvest. In that particular case, late winter pruning is a great idea because winter pruning spurs vigorous growth.

However, what if you have a cherry tree that is already too large to harvest? In that case, you might opt for summer pruning. When you prune your fruit tree during the summer you can reduce its size by cutting off some of its branches without encouraging vigorous growth.  Stick to a restricted percentage of pruning each year!

All of this requires expertise.  If you have fruit trees on your property, please consider contacting us.  We are aptly named The Tree Professionals…Northern Nevada’s tree pruning professionals.  We know the right time to prune your trees.  If you live in the Reno area contact us for removal, pruning, and trimming of trees, shrubs, and hedges at (775) 420-8694.

Tahoe Mother's Day Brunch, Lunch & Dinner Specials

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"Dine out this Mother's Day Sunday, May 13, 2018.
Let us help you make this Mother's Day special with delicious specials to celebrate the ladies we love."