Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Tree Trimming.

The art of tree trimming is just that…an art. It has been practiced and perfected over many years to assure you (the tree owner) that it is being done with care and experience. That is part of the many arts practiced by The Tree Professional of Reno. Tree trimming in Northern Nevada is a specialty of Greg Chavez…the owner of The Tree Professional.


Why trim a tree? Here are some of the reasons -

1.  Safety first by eliminating dangerous dead branches.

2.  It promotes structure which ensures that more branches do not die.

3.  It will assist the tree in growing properly.

4.  Knowing from experience when it should be done.

To that last point, late winter, while the tree is still dormant is a perfect time. So, now is the right moment to show off the tree trimming prowess of The Tree Professional out of Reno. To see their portfolio just visit the obvious…thetreeprofessional.com. One more step. Call this phone number (775) 420-8694.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Safety First.

If a tree falls in the woods…etc. What if a tree falls on your property and is leaning against a power line or another tree that is perfectly healthy. Now that’s a horse of a different color! If that happens to you on your Northern Nevada property it is important to call The Tree Professional of Reno as soon as possible.

The life of that downed tree began with it possibly being planted too close to that other tree, or that power line. That is something you and the landscaper can take up at its inception to perhaps avoid this fate. At this point, what matters most is safety, and hiring just anyone to remove that tree just won’t do.

The Tree Professional of Reno has been removing downed trees (and much more) throughout most of this century. Especially during this time of year keep Greg’s phone number in mind. It is (775) 420-8694. The Tree Professional of Reno will take care of the rest. See their amazing work at thetreeprofessional.com.