Thursday, April 14, 2022

When is the Best Time to Have Your Trees Trimmed?

Time is running short to trim your tree branches, especially if you want a tree to flourish this spring in Northern Nevada. Even if you have waited to have your property’s trees trimmed in and around Reno, wait no longer! The Tree Professional is ready to take care of that springtime chore.

Here is a tip from the pros: If you missed the imaginary winter deadline, you can still get away with trimming in early spring. However, note this exception, if the tree is one that flowers in early spring, wait until it’s finished blooming. Greg will help you determine all of that.

As soon as you can, call Greg Chavez…THE Tree Professional who serves the entire Reno area making sure that the growing things on your property are the envy of the neighborhood. The Tree Professional is just a phone call away at (775) 420-8694. You can take a look at Greg’s “high wire act” at

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Pruning Plants.

We all fancy ourselves as having green thumbs. Have you checked lately? When a real professional prunes your plants they find that a good starting point is to remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems as soon as they are visible. The professional plant pruners are found at The Tree Professional of Reno.

Plants that you hope will be in full bloom this summer produce their flowers on new growth from the current season. They should be pruned in early spring just before they push out their new growth for the summer of 2022. They can even be cut all the way to the ground in the early spring, and they will bloom that same summer.

The Tree Professional is a whole lot more than just trees. They are real pros at pruning and trimming plants and shrubs. When you want your property to look better with properly maintained trees, shrubs, and bushes call The Tree Professional of Reno at (775) 420-8694. Also, take a look at