Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Out Dang Bush.

With apologies to The Bard sometimes removing a bush from your Northern Nevada property is the smart thing to do. Removing a bush is a bit of a physical workout, but it is something an able-bodied homeowner can do without too much hassle or danger of being hurt. If you don’t want to cut the bush, use a pickup truck to pull it out.

For those DIY folks out there here are a few tips –

1.  Back the pick-up truck close to the bush.

2.  Wrap a towing chain around the bush.

3.  Hook the chain securely to the truck’s towing hitch.

I think, perhaps you may want to call us before you begin this ordeal. Here at The Tree Professional of Reno we remove bushes from residences and businesses around Norther Nevada routinely. Please give us a call and visit to see all that we do. We will be ready to do the job. That number is (775) 420-8694.

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