Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Heavy Snow = Heavy Trees.

One thing we can be certain of in Northern Nevada this time of year is snow…and plenty of it! It comes as no surprise that as the snow gets more intense, severe side effects start to appear. As you might have observed and heard, heavy snow often comes with the tell-tale cracking sound indicative of the damage it is inflicting on your plants.

These are some of the risks of heavy snow on trees –

1.  Bending…sometimes the entire tree.

2.  Splitting…a tree can literally go into shock and split from the weight.

3.  Breaking…branches just give out and break entirely.

4.  Falling…the ultimate disaster on your property!

Whatever may become of the winter of 2021, if it includes heavy snow around your Reno area property, you may need the help of The Tree Professionals. They are winter-care tree experts in Northern Nevada who help you with the ravages of heavy snow on your property. Just visit and call (775) 420-8694.

Monday, December 14, 2020

The First American Christmas Tree.

It dates back to the mid-19th century as the story goes, August Imgard originally from Germany, set up the first American Christmas tree in Wooster, Ohio, in 1847. The basic version of the tale was that Imgard, after arriving in America, was homesick at Christmas so he cut down the top of a spruce tree, brought it indoors, and decorated it.

Another version has it that a professor at Harvard, Charles Follen is known to have set up a Christmas tree in his home in the mid-1830s…well before Mr. Imgard. Further, The Christmas tree of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert became known in America in the late 1840s, and in the 1850s reports of Christmas trees began to appear in newspapers around the US.

However you celebrate the Holiday season we here at The Tree Professionals honor the Balsam Fir as the most popular variety of Christmas Tree. Whenever you need tree removal or trimming around your Northern Nevada property please think of The Tree Professionals of Reno in 2021. Happy Holidays from Greg and his staff at The Tree Professionals.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Plant a Tree…Breathe the Fresh Air.

We are sure that you know planting trees on your Northern Nevada property really is one of the best things you can do for the local environment as well as for the planet. It is no secret that trees help the environment, but you may be surprised by all the benefits that planting trees can provide. They produce oxygen while removing carbon dioxide and contaminants.

Here are some more benefits from tree planting –

1.  Trees reduce ozone levels in urban areas.

2.  They reduce erosion by storing water.

3.  Trees also absorb sound…we will bet you did not think of that!

4.  Obviously, they provide much needed shade at certain times of the year.

Now, the care and continued healthy growth of trees on your Reno area property is the job of The Tree Professionals of Northern Nevada. Greg and his crew will keep those majestic beauties fit and trim year ‘round. For a look at their amazing work see Remember this phone number - (775) 420-8694.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Is That Guy in our Tree Being Careful?

You bet he is…especially if it is me, Greg Chavez or one of my crew from The Tree Professional of Northern Nevada! We love trees as much as you do, so what do you do when you notice a tree on your Reno area property that has lived a long life, but now it’s time for removal? Cutting down dead trees is NOT for the do it yourselfer, so you should probably consult an arborist.

It is always safety first with The Tree Professional…safety for you, others who may be happening by, and the structures below. The very first thing we do is ensure that by removing a tree we will not cause harm to ourselves or any of the people or animals around us. We then carefully plan so that we avoid potential damage to nearby structures or other trees.

It is a process, and one that we pride ourselves in being quite skilled at…tree removal in Northern Nevada. When that time comes do not hesitate! Call The Tree Professional of Reno NV at (775) 420-8694. I will come out to your property and assess the situation. Feel free to visit our website anytime at

Monday, November 2, 2020

Is Your Property Properly Pruned?

The winter season is probably the best time to prune your plants and trees in the Reno area. In wintertime, most plants and trees go to sleep (hibernate, if you will) in order for them to be ready to bloom in the spring. You need pruning to promote plant health, maintain plants, improve plant appearance and most importantly, to protect people and property.

What should be done to ensure that pruning is done properly? The highest quality shears (those owned by professional tree trimmers) will achieve the best results. Cut the branches at the proper point where they meet the twigs. DO NOT start chopping everything in sight! Think of it as if you were getting a haircut…remember when your barber worked every day?

Professional tree pruning in Northern Nevada has been done throughout this century by The Tree Professional headed by owner Greg Chavez. Do you want the job done right, guaranteed the first time every time? Then call The Tree Professional of Reno at (775) 420-8694. Take a look at their work by Googling

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Out Dang Bush.

With apologies to The Bard sometimes removing a bush from your Northern Nevada property is the smart thing to do. Removing a bush is a bit of a physical workout, but it is something an able-bodied homeowner can do without too much hassle or danger of being hurt. If you don’t want to cut the bush, use a pickup truck to pull it out.

For those DIY folks out there here are a few tips –

1.  Back the pick-up truck close to the bush.

2.  Wrap a towing chain around the bush.

3.  Hook the chain securely to the truck’s towing hitch.

I think, perhaps you may want to call us before you begin this ordeal. Here at The Tree Professional of Reno we remove bushes from residences and businesses around Norther Nevada routinely. Please give us a call and visit to see all that we do. We will be ready to do the job. That number is (775) 420-8694.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

What are the State’s Rules for Trees?

Northern Nevada has been hit with plenty of rules and regulations this year. Some municipal regulations provide authority over trees, and render guidance to residents and establish minimum standards for our Reno area’s tree programs. Tree ordinances help local officials implement community forestry programs.

It may be as basic as planting the wrong types of trees in certain spaces which could possibly displace sidewalks and result in other hazards. Tree roots can also damage curbs, gutters, and streets resulting in costly repairs and replacement. They are growing after all! Other tree ordinance provisions require that only Certified Arborists can get tree work permits.

All of this should lead to your next logical choice of calling The Tree Professional of Northern Nevada when caring for the trees that dot our Northern Nevada landscape. You will marvel at their work if you visit on Google. We hope you will call (775) 420-8694 for all your tree care and removal needs.