Monday, April 16, 2018

Hiring a Trustworthy Tree Removal Service.

There are dozens of people in the Reno area with a chainsaw that can take down a tree.  How many of them are licensed and bonded?  What sort of background do they have in the art of tree removal.  Make no mistake about it, tree removal IS an art!  If you are trying to save a few bucks you could be sorely disappointed or worse.

Here are some tips in hiring the right company –

1.  Check the BBB.
2.  See if the company is licensed and registered to work in this area.
3.  Ask if they have a certified arborist on staff.
4.  Make sure they have liability and worker’s comp insurance.
5.  Get a written contract with whomever you hire.

Tree removal service in Reno and Northern Nevada is a very precise and professional undertaking.  Do NOT take it lightly!  Would you hire just any dentist or doctor?  Call Greg Chavez of The Tree Professionals.  He and his team will take care of any issues you have on your property regarding tree removal.  That number is (775) 420-8694.

15 Best Things to do in Reno

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"When people think of gambling and casinos in the United States, they usually think of Las Vegas. As such Reno is often overlooked, which is great shame for anyone travelling here and missing out on the best that this city has to offer."


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Who Planted that Tree…George Washington?

Trees are not like any other living organism.  They are monuments.  They may have been growing on what is now your property for centuries.  Determining when it is time to remove one should come with careful consideration.  One thing you DON’T want to do is just hang on to a dead or dying tree because of its history!

When you hear about a legendary tree reaching the end of its life it conjures up a question that people have asked for time immemorial.  Should I cut down a large, healthy, mature tree on my property?  Is it now, or is it about to cause structural damage?  That applies not only to the part that you can see, but what is happening underground as well.

To properly assess this question, you turn to a tree professional.  Voila, you have a tree professional right here in the Reno area!  He is Greg Chavez and his team at  Leave this important decision to the arborists.  Call Greg today to come out to your property at (775) 420-8694.

2018 Truckee Craw Thaw Music Festival, April 27-28

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"American roots-inspired musicians, cajun cuisine, and family fun in historic downtown Truckee, California. Bands include The Easy Leaves, Jazz Mafia Accomplices, Miss Tess & The Talkbacks, and Otis McDonald!"

Thursday, March 15, 2018

These Reviews Will Definitely Convince You.

If these were not 100% true you would swear they were staged!  Well, we invite you to visit the customer reviews page on our new website  We are not known throughout Northern Nevada by being anything less than professionals, but it sure is nice to get these rave reviews about our work.

Here are some examples.  David S. said…”I hired (them) on the advice of a friend.  I am so glad that I did”.  Pete Vossler says…“they are exactly what their name (says)”.  Teresa K. chimes in.  “I will call them (again) for any tree jobs”.  Gary B. put it succinctly.  “Great job, cleaned up good, price was right”.

And on and on it goes.  Satisfied customers continue to heap praise upon Greg and our amazing team of tree professionals.  We are known in the Reno area as a premier tree and shrub maintenance and removal pros.  Be the next review on the list.  Call The Tree Professional anytime at (775) 420-8694.

Brunching Around Reno Tahoe on Easter Sunday

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"What better way to celebrate Easter with loved ones than a satisfying brunch? Reno Tahoe offers a variety of brunch spots for any given day but on Easter, we are cooking up something extra special for family and friends."


Thursday, March 1, 2018

Do I Need Braces?

We can’t speak to your dental needs, but as far as your trees go, the answer may be a resounding yes!  A brace or cable may be used on your trees for one of three main reasons…mitigation, restoration, or prevention.  You may help a young, struggling tree through its weakest stage.  You could prolong the life of a damaged tree or to keep a tree from falling.

How is bracing done?

1.  The strength of the hardware is essential.
2.  How they are arranged makes all the difference.
3.  The proper placement and entry points of all of the cables or braces.

One thing is certain, you need to contact a certified arborist who is experienced in this area.  When you need a tree braced in the Reno area your first choice is The Tree Professionals.  Who else?  Greg and his team will come out and assess your situation and take action if you wish.  Call The Tree Professionals today at (775) 420-8694.