Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tree Trimming Safety Tips.

When a big ‘ole tree decides to become a problem, it has no respect for what time of year it is.  Reno winters can be very harsh, but if a tree needs to be removed from your property a professional approach must be taken.  Trying to remove a tree as an amateur is a bit like trying to remove a tooth by yourself!

Here is what a professional will do about that hazardous tree –

1.)        Inspect the area around the task.
2.)        Locate any power lines.
3.)        Wait until the weather improves.
4.)        Wearing the proper gear is mandatory.
5.)        If there is pressure then small cuts need to be made to relieve it.

Tree removal (especially this time of year) needs to be done by a Tree Professional.  Who better to do it than The Tree Professionals?  That is the name of the tree removal and trimming service that serves Reno and Northern Nevada.  Never, ever tackle this task by yourself.  Call Greg Chavez of The Tree Professionals at (775) 420-8694.

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