Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Did you Notice that Tree?

Perhaps you own a business in the Reno area and you open your doors every day without taking a careful look around your property.  Sometimes, business owners are so absorbed in the bottom line they forget about natural hazards that lurk just outside the front door.  Maybe it is that tree that is coming dangerously close to your building.

Before winter hits with all of its fury, this would be an excellent time to address that issue.  A fallen tree at the wrong time in the wrong place can set your business back for days…or worse, actually harm a customer!  No, no, no not my bread and butter…you need to act immediately if you notice a potentially harmful tree.

Greg Chavez to the rescue!  Greg and his team at The Tree Professionals (nice name, indeed) will handle that menacing tree once and for all quickly and safely.  The Tree Professionals are Northern Nevada’s commercial tree removal experts.  Today is the day to give them a call…just leave a message if it’s nighttime at (775) 420-8694.

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